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A new garden sponsored by the Anaheim Ducks!

For the third time, we have partnered with the wonderful Anaheim Ducks to build a school garden in Orange County as part of their Power PLAY! Project. This year, we built a beautiful garden at Raymond Temple Elementary in Buena Park. With the help of volunteers, we were able to build most of the garden in one day.

We revamped the kindergarten garden by adding fresh soil to their existing beds as well as adding in our trusty drip irrigation system.

The school already had an existing garden, so we added some additional beds, did a drip system for the entire garden, as well as added a horse rail fence around the garden. We also added signage, picnic tables, and a chalkboard for the outdoor garden.

This was a multi-day project but the results were incredible. We are grateful to continue working with the Anaheim Ducks and we want to thank them for their continued support!

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