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Completing the Plant Cycle at Carson Gore Acadamy

The students at Carson Gore Academy wasted no time in getting seeds started for the garden.  They harvested the dried beans leftover from the summer crop, and removed the seeds from the pods.  There was confusion about the difference between a seed and a bean…’s tricky to explain to a 1st grader that all beans are seeds, but not all seeds are beans.  But they understood that if they planted the small things, we’d get more of the big things and that was a good place to start.

Groups of four kids used seedling plug trays to plant their bean/seed, using math skills to divide up the plugs among the group.   Once planted, they’d be taking these back to their classroom to care for them and observe their growth.  Successful seedlings will be added to the garden.

Kids are fascinated with watching seeds grow, especially something they can eat!   It’s so satisfying to be able to teach them how to grow things from seed to harvest.  I encourage parents to help kids do this in their home garden, whether its a little plot of dirt or a patio pot.

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