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Tomatoes and Squash For Everyone!

Summer has come to an end at Garvanza Elementary. We are working as a team and prepping the beds for our cool season crops.

The students are planting bush beans in the garden bed. After growing tomatoes which are heavy feeders of the soil, we wanted to plant something that would help add nitrogen back into the soil, such as beans.

The students created a school garden map to get themselves acquainted with everything in the garden after a long summer break from school. They had to map out the garden beds, compost bins, irrigation system, fruit trees, tables, timer, supply shed, and teaching station.

We had tomatoes and squash galore growing in the garden! The students all agreed garden tomatoes are so much better than store-bought tomatoes.

At the end of the month, we had a lesson on flower anatomy and pollination. The students worked on a sheet labelling the different parts and then we dissected a flower to examine the pistil and stamen.

We had a lot of sunflowers in the garden which gave us an opportunity to save the seeds from the sunflower heads. The students had never done this before and thoroughly enjoyed it. We even had some broccoli that some of the students got to save the seeds from.

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