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Yellow Time for TK’s in the Garden

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Easy breezy to simply “BE” in the garden with Mrs. Meza’s curious 4 year old TK class. These kiddos crave seed yoga then ask, “What is for snack?” Learning about “Yellow Time” also called, “Autumn” also named “Fall” Climates & Seasons were a big hit! They love to plant seeds and color leaf rubbings

Mrs. Meza’s TK class shine their brilliance when asking questions and remembering how to carefully use their fingers to make a small hole in the soil to plant their seeds.

We learned the parts of the plant watching pole beans, cucumbers, squash and sunflowers seedlings sprouting to life. These kiddos have a hungry appetite to learn and eat a variety of garden snacks. Favorites include carrots, purple cabbage, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and fancy fresh cucumbers slices with lemon, white wine vinegar & sea salt.

All is good in the brand new garden here in Mt. Washington Elementary School.

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