Building School Gardens Since 2011

We make green schoolyards happen in Los Angeles.

Executive Director Tomas O’Grady built a small vegetable garden at Thomas Starr King Middle School in 2010 with an accompanying educational garden program and quickly discovered how it benefited the lives of students, staff and the surrounding community.

Our greenspaces improve aesthetics, improve morale and promote healthy living. 

With over 160 gardens built and a weekly educational Garden Ranger Program at 100 of these schools, EnrichLA connects over 60,000 students a year to the source of their food.

EnrichLA reaches over 10x as many schools as the next largest organization in LA. In fact, EnrichLA has the largest garden education program specific to one city in the US. In the last two years, EnrichLA has also become the fasting-expanding garden education program in the nation, and we have no intention of slowing down.



An organic regenerative garden in every Los Angeles schoolyard

In harmony with nature, taking care of the soil + plants + animals. 
No pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

160 schools.