Our gardens are inexpensive, promote community involvement, 
encourage respect for our delicate planet, act as outdoor 
classrooms, cheer up school campuses, and promote thoughtful 
and healthy eating habits! 


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Our gardens are designed to be long-lasting and sustainable. Garden beds and picnic tables are made out of untreated redwood, the garden beds are filled with organic soil and watered with a water saving automated drip irrigation system.


We visit a school and help identify the most appropriate site for the garden. We discuss options such as a shaded teaching areas, a habitat space for wildlife and garden signs. We then work with the school district to obtain the necessary permits and we then schedule the installation.



We are non-profit organization. Our mission is simple:  

Every child in every school in this city ought to experience the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing and eating simple whole foods.


We are frugal, creative and efficient. Our donors help make it affordable. We are low cost to schools. 

Schools are asked to contribute between $12,000 and $18,000 for an outdoor green space.