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Collecting the Rainbow

This week at Rio Vista Elementary the kindergartner’s got to explore the garden while focusing on their sense of sight!

We began the lesson by reviewing all 5 of our physical senses, which we had learned about last week. We moved on to talking specifically about our sense of sight, noting all the things we can see in the garden.

Next, we explored the garden to hunt for every color of the rainbow, and attach them to our “nature bracelets,” which were pieces of tape sticky-side out. When the kids saw a new color they had not collected yet, they gently harvested a small piece of the plant, and added it to their bracelet.

We then gathered back together as a group, and talked about what colors were most common, which were most difficult to find, and how many different shades of the same color they found.

Everyone concluded that blue was the most rare color in the garden. Although we did not have anything blue to eat, we had some green kale and yellow cherry tomatoes, which together make blue! We ended class by snacking on the mint and tomatoes, and talking about what other colors we saw in the garden and how to combine them to make new colors.

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