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Compost Relay + Parts of A Flower at 6th Avenue

With our new compost kit arriving at 6th Avenue, students have been curious about how to use it and what it does to help the garden. Last week we talked in depth about composting and went over the additions we must have (greens, browns, de-composers, water & air) to make a compost pile effective. We then did a compost relay where teams of 4 had to collect different components of a compost from around the school to create their own compost mix in their bucket.

Also, our pre-k students enjoyed exploring the spring flowers growing and flourishing in our garden. With an abundance of Nasturtium flowers harvested, we learned about the different parts of a flower and then each student delicately took about a flower and made their own flower art with each flower part. Here are some pictures of what they created 🙂

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