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Freshening Angeles Mesa Elementary

We have been super excited and entertained during our first Unit at Angeles Mesa. Kids from Pre-K, K and 5th grade have enjoyed learning and interacting with plants and garden. EnrichLA resumed activities at Angeles Mesa in the middle of November, bumping into a few days-off due to Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and then the strike, however we accomplished a successful first rotation.

The first two weeks, there was lots of clean-up duties with overgrown plants from last year. Teachers and students got to sample some tomatoes, parsleys, oregano, basil. Towards the holidays, we had a huge rosemary shrub occupying a whole bed so it was perfect Xmas give-away for the school’s staff and parents. The principal, Ms. Williams, was the most excited about it.

After this eventful first weeks of the months with rains and no classes, we went back to the garden to check on all the seeds planted before break: radishes, carrots, red beets, arugula, lettuces which have sprouted and enjoyed of the rain. However the difference beans that we tried have not turned yet. We also found a mix of CA native wildflowers and are hoping to see some of  those soon to attract pollinators and garden friends.

Overlook of the new mulch, garden beds and compost

Collard Greens

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