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From Earthworms to Kale Tacos at KIPP Comienza

Garden time this month for our friends at KIPP Comienza involved learning about compost, harvesting, and the butterfly cycle. Our compost lesson began with a short lesson on the compost cycle and was followed by a card game they played in pairs. We played with three different cycles: apples, bananas, and pumpkins; the objective was to put four cards in order according to the composting cycle of each fruit. It was unbelievable how quickly the students learned the orders. And it was priceless to see their expressions and hear their reactions when I pulled an earthworm out from my caddy at the end of our game. Students learned that composting is important for garden health and earthworm existence. We then went outside to our garden where pairs were given an earthworm to place into our beds!

Recording what we learned in science journals was a top priority this month. The skills of our little scientists are flourishing with our garden. Our butterfly lesson explored the stages in a butterfly’s life cycle and included reading an all-time favorite story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Our friends drawings of the stages of the life cycle of butterflies were quite impressive!

KIPP Comienza’s first rotation this season came to a close with harvesting lessons that involved a yummy tasting. Our gardeners learned about fruits and vegetables that are in season, such as apples, squash, and winter greens, and then went out to harvest some of our own dinosaur kale with Ms. Palomino. Students then had the opportunity to try what we like to call ‘Kale Tacos’. First goes the kale, then a sliver or two of avocado, followed by a squeeze of lime, and topped with a dash of Tajin; all ingredients are seasonal. Kale Tacos were a hit at KIPP Comienza!

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