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Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs @ Kester!

It is every kid’s favorite lesson in the garden: BUGS!!  So fun to surprise these kids with what bugs are beneficial to the garden and which bugs are pests.  Although roly-polies are a much-beloved favorite for this age, these invertebrates are not so great for the garden, and even though bees might scare them a bit they are GREAT for the garden!

Enough talk, let’s get to the bug hunt!  It was great to find baby tomato hornworms, earthworms, aphids, butterflies, bees and of course, roly polies.

When it’s Citrus Season, you eat citrus!  So everyone ended their day with some deliciously ripe grapefruit.  For many of these students, it was their very first time eating it and they were so surprised it could be so sweet.  That’s why it pays off to buy fruit in season.

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