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Join the Team, Become a Garden Ranger

Garden Rangers are responsible for leading weekly garden-based lessons for students, increasing their knowledge of gardening, complementing classroom curriculum, and maintaining their school gardens by ensuring that the garden is well kept, healthy, and bountiful throughout the year. Being a Garden Ranger is a rewarding and challenging experience!

Your main responsibilities are:

  1. TEACHING: Engage students with interdisciplinary and interesting garden lessons once a week (K-12)

  2. MAINTAIN: Be responsible for the health of your school garden, ensuring that the garden is bountiful year-round

  3. ENGAGE: Engage with the school community, including parents, teachers, and administration to get them involved

Desired Skills:

  1. Teaching experience, for students ages K-12

  2. Gardening experience (i.e. UCCE Master Gardener)

  3. Bilingual: English/Spanish

Being a Garden Ranger is flexible. The work is part-time and, as independent contractors, Rangers can set their own schedules; there is also some flexibility on school site locations.

We are looking for people interested in joining us for the 2018-2019 school year! Rangers start in the first week of September. Training will be provided before the beginning of the school year. Other professional development opportunities will be provided throughout the school year, including workshops and trainings.


Based on skills and experience, Rangers bill between $90 and $110 per school per week.per roughly half day For example. Let’s say you have been awarded 3 schools. Those 3 schools ( x, y, z) are on Mon Thurs and Friday. You would be at x elementary on Mon from 8am to 12.30 pm ( apx ) on Mondays You would be at y elementary on Thurs from 8am to 12.30 pm ( apx ) on Thursdays You would be at z elementary on Fri from 8am to 12.30 pm ( apx ) on Fridays You would bill weekly in this case 90 x 3 = $270. You could do 1 school up to 5.

Next Steps:

After reading and understanding all this information, please send us your resume to to schedule an interview with us!

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