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Landscape Architecture and Succession Planning at Micheltorena

Welcome October!

While everyone is excited that the weather is cooling down, we’re planning ahead to take advantage of this wonderful weather that will give us our beautiful fall and winter vegetables.

Last week we separated the teams into zones, so the kids could gravitate towards their preferences. This helps me in a couple of ways as a garden teacher – I learn what the kids are into and it allows them to dive deep into their interests. A few of the kids expressed interest in architecture and drawing so we discussed possible careers as landscape architects and the planning that goes into changing this.

Step 1 was drawing the plans as they are, including all the summer plants that are in season. Next came learning which plants will thrive in the fall and how much spacing they need. Step 3 was determining as a group how their landscape company would transform the beds from a summer bed to a fall and winter garden.

The last step was planting seeds to get ready for the fall.

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