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Multnomah Elementary’s Compost Challenge

Multnomah Elementary’s 4th Graders

Weigh In On Composting

Back at School and…

…the 4th graders at Mulnomah Elementary School are holding their very own composting challenge! Each week, the students collect and save their GREEN food scraps which go into their classroom compost buckets. They bring them back to class and we weigh and chart their progress. Each week the students can see how much food they’ve saved and what can be recycled back into our soil through composting. So far Mrs. Guiterrez class is taking the lead!

In order for the students to understand composting on a large scale, we started small by having them split up into groups and make their own compost in a jar. This was helpful for the students to really understand the difference between their BROWNS and GREENS and the ratio of both and of course, WHY we compost! Examples of compost were brought in to show the varying stages of decomposition.

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