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Our new gardens at O'Melveny and Morningside Elementary!

We've had a busy couple of weeks! We have built two new gardens in the San Fernando area with the wonderful help of Pharmavite volunteers. Volunteers spent their Saturday mornings with us, and despite the summer valley heat, we were able to complete both gardens in no time.

The first garden was at O'Melveny Elementary, where volunteers helped us remove the old garden beds, level the ground area, mulch it, and then place our new redwood raised beds on top. Thankfully this garden had plenty of shade under which volunteers could take a much needed break.

The next garden was in Morningside Elementary. This garden was on asphalt, so a much simpler build. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, we finished this garden in about 1.5 hours!! The final garden looked stunning!

We can't wait for the next gardens we will be building with Pharmavite. We will be building in September so we can hopefully avoid the worst of the summer heat. Stay tuned for more!

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