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Parts of a Lima Bean

The students loved learning about the parts of a seed — the seed coat, food storage, and the embryo. A seed is a baby plant waiting to be “born”. Every student found the embryo in their lima bean seed. After dissecting the lima bean seed, the students “planted” a new lima bean seed in a zip loc bag with a moist paper towel in order to watch the seed sprout. They will hang the zip loc bags in their classroom window and study them throughout the week. They snacked on sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They also snacked on cherry tomatoes from the garden. The 5th graders spent their time doing a garden map scavenger hunt. They looked around the garden and found everything listed on the worksheet and drew it on their map. They drew the garden beds, the compost bins, the sink, the timer, the irrigation system and more. It was a great way to get them reacquainted with the garden after the summer break.

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