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Plants aren’t the only ones who love to be sung to

No I don’t sing to my students.

But I do sing their praises! At Taking the Reins this month, the program director on site, Misty, and I met to talk about how we can best serve the girls in the gardening classes. There are students in my classes from different backgrounds, with different needs. So on the last week of the winter session, I went into class looking for ways to highlight the girls strengths and offerings to our class. It was this beautiful opportunity to build their confidence in themselves as care takers of the earth. So while harvesting chamomile to make herbal pancakes I look for how they stand out from the crowd. Each one. The students may not remember how delicious their herb pancakes were, but they will likely remember how they felt in the garden space. So I shower them with acknowledgement of the things they do well and the things I appreciate them doing in my classes. We want our students to feel valuable and competent in gardens so that they will take it a step further on their own.

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