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Seed Exploration at Bushnell Elementary

This week’s lesson was all about seeds at Bushnell elementary. Students broke open pre-soaked pinto beans to discover the baby plants inside. Once located they shouted with excitement, “Look, I found the embryo!” Students then used magnifying glasses to get a closer look.

After talking about the parts of a seed and what they need to grow the students got to start their own pea seeds in baggies that will be kept in their classrooms until they sprout and we can plant them. They are excited to see them grow!

At the end of class we ventured into the garden to search for seedlings. We were happy to discover that many of the seeds we planted over the past few weeks have germinated. We found carrot, cauliflower, celery and broccoli seedlings. The children also discovered and were captivated by a white crab spider eating a honey bee on a lavender flower. At the end of  class one kindergartner exclaimed, “there are so many interesting things in the garden!” My hope is that our students always leave garden class with that same sense of wonder and excitement.

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