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St. Patrick’s Sense of Wonder

The last few weeks at St. Patrick’s have been a full dive back into the garden.  The younger grades have been exploring all the new changes in the garden through their senses; touching, smelling, feeling and  eating their way right on through!   And boy is there a lot to eat!   They’ve harvested watermelons, peppers, hundreds of pounds of tomatoes, muskmelons, and zucchini that were as big as them! 

The older grades discussed the food web that exists in the garden and what might happen if any single organism was threatened.   The kids went out in the garden and wrote stories that were fantasy inspired. My favorite was one student’s depiction of a world where hunting birds was legal and how it in turn would create a pest problem in the garden that would be the demise of all plants.  Smart kids.   We’ve also begun transitioning into fall, prepping the beds and planting our seeds and seedlings for the cooler months.

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