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Transformative Tuesday

Some exciting changes have arrived at Second Street Elementary this September!

Along with our first harvest of heritage corn and giant eggplant, there is a new installation of a compost pile. After learning about what materials we want to mix into our compost bin, students collected food scraps, yard waste, and even some paper towels to start the process of making our own dirt to put back into the garden beds.

In order to make room for our new compost bin and collection buckets, everybody pitched in during lunch, recess, and even some after school time to remove our invasive tree like growth of rosemary bushes. It was quite an unseasonably warm Tuesday, and we all cooled off with a few splashes from the hose after lots of digging, sweating, and hard work!

Next week, we will be observing the nasturtiums, cilantro, and lettuce seedlings progress from our classroom growing stations as well as our raised beds. If we are lucky and get even more help, we can make make some rosemary soap for fundraising with the amount we filled in three different garbage bags.

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