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Dexterity and Patience – Learning about plants through exploration at Micheltorena

When we grew started growing indigo it was to solve the overwatering issues we were having in one of the raised beds. What ended up happening was that the indigo began to thrive and it created a beautiful pollinator-friendly

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been harvesting and trimming back the indigo. It was ready to harvest, but we also had to weed the palms that were starting to grow in the beds. bed.

On Tuesday, we had the kids work on a couple of projects. First identify the parts of the plants, and then separating the leaves from the stems and the seeds from the stems. This was careful, meticulous work that taught the kids some self-regulation, patience and gently working with plants.

It was such a peaceful and calm class and it was a great way to get kids to calm and center themselves.


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