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End of Autumn Flowers at Carson Gore

Our bright pink zinnias and lantana bushes were needing a trim, so our creative little gardeners took our piles of cuttings and made flower bouquets to take home.  The kids love the flowers that grow in the garden as much as the fruits and veggies.   At this age, the boys still nudge their noses up to a colorful bloom, close their eyes, and take a deep whiff.  It’s so sweet to watch.   This was a good chance to ask them what they enjoyed about autumn – other than Halloween! – like the leaves falling on the ground and how it starts to get colder.   Which led to conversations about why the leaves turn color and why we’ll have to change the clocks soon.  It was fun just chatting with the kids until Ms. Puri had a ladybug fly onto her glasses!  That got quite a chuckle.  Anyway, it was a pretty chill and chilly day in the garden today.

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