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Tulsa 5th Grade Gets Their Hands Dirty!

This September, for the first 3 lessons, the 5th graders at Tulsa learned all about soil and food chains (producers and consumers). This was these students’ first exposure to the garden class so we were starting from ground zero- very exciting! For the first class we found bugs and veggies that had grown over the summer! We planted bean seeds, an oregano seedling, a peppermint seedling, a basil seedling, and taste tested tomatoes! 

For the “Let’s Talk Dirt” lesson, the students got their hands dirty touching some soil along with observing the sand, silt, and clay settle in the jar test. They also used ladybug and frog moisture meters to test how wet, moist, or dry our soil was! We planted more bean seeds, pea seeds, green onion seedlings, and taste tested black beans! We talked about why beans are so important because they bring Nitrogen back into our soil.

For the “Friends and Foes” lesson, we learned about food chains, producers, and consumers. We created and acted out our own food chains in different ecosystems and explored the garden labeling bugs/plants as producers and consumers! We planted rainbow carrot seeds and purple bean seeds!

We still have 3 lessons to go and the garden is growing beautifully! Good start 5th Grade!

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