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Tulsa Paper Pumpkin Patch!

For the last 3 weeks of this rotation, Tulsa 5th graders learned about warm/cool weather crops, parts of plants, and made a paper pumpkin patch!

For the weather/climate/seasons lesson, we talked about warm and cool weather crops. We played a game where everyone got a flashcard with the name of a plant and whether it was a cool/warm weather crop. I then described imaginary days with particular weather conditions and they had to “grow” (stand up and wiggle their arms) if I described the ideal growing conditions for their crop. We discussed the recent global climate strikes and also acknowledged the changing of seasons into Fall. We were also lucky enough to find a Monarch caterpillar on our milkweed plant! We taste tested strawberries and planted beet and chive seeds!

The next lesson was about parts of a plant. We drew and labeled all 6 parts of the plant (seed, roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits). We taste tested pumpkin seeds and planted radish seeds!

For our last class we created a paper pumpkin patch! The kids had the choice to paint a Halloween or Fall themed pumpkin to display in the garden. We also opened up mini pumpkins and had a seed counting contest to see who could count the most seeds. We tasted garden Swiss chard! Great job Tulsa 5th grade! You helped make our garden nice and festive for Fall!

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