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We continue to get our building gears moving!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Building is an essential part of our identity as a non-profit organization. We feel so fortunate to have projects lined up for summer thanks to the support of partner organizations such as Pharmavite.

As we gear up for a busy summer, we have continued to slowly get our building gears moving. Apart from the Arroyo Seco garden we just built (thanks to funding from Sprouts and Angel City FC!), we have also built a new outdoor classroom at King Middle School and created new raised beds for Kingsley Elementary.

The outdoor classroom at King MS will be the perfect space for students to safely learn outdoors as we still deal with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, the raised beds at Kingsley Elementary will be used to separate outdoor classroom spaces to ensure students and staff remain safe.

These projects have been great ways for us to slowly get back into the rhythm of building wonderful outdoor spaces for our schools. We are so excited for the new projects to come!

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